Why choose McNaught Group

Why choose
Mcnaught Group Pty Ltd


Painter of the Year Winner NSW multiple times

We have been voted No 1 painter multiple times NSW and ACT by Dulux Australia.


Quality workmanship, experience, reliability

McNaught Group Pty Ltd provide an unbeatable professional service and leave you feeling satisfied in the quality of work we can provide which is what makes an industry leader in the region.


Leadership In Business

McNaught Group have always devoted time into setting new standards and trends to expand our diversity in knowledge of the industry. Having set these high standards have won us a Dubbo Chamber of Commerce Sliver Rhino Award for Excellence in Product & Service.


We are proudly a Dulux Accredited Painter.

Our values


  • We are honest and ethical in everything we do
  • We keep our commitments and treat our clients with respect

Client satisfaction

  • Our success is measured by the delight of our clients
  • We strive to exceed industry standards in customer service and innovative painting solutions


  • We pride ourselves on the quality of our craftsmanship
  • We are committed to achieving excellence in the operational and administrative aspects of the business

Sustainable solultions

  • We take care and responsibility for our environment by utilising best practice waste management systems
  • We offer our clients the choice of having Dulux premium, low VOC paints that contain almost no paint smells and less air pollution

Health & saftey

  • We are committed to ensuring that the safety of our employees, our clients and our community is never compromised
  • We comply with all OH&S legislation

Looking after our environment

green-painters-accredProtecting the environment is one of the most important issues facing all businesses of today.

Here at McNaught Group Pty Ltd we encourage all of our employees to be vigilant of protecting the environment. By using the enviro wash units to clean equipment, and collecting used solvents for their proper disposal we are actively helping to save our environment.

We make an effort to supply our customers with the knowledge and understanding of the importance of looking after our environment and where possible, encourage our clients to use the environmentally friendly option.

Accredited Green

McNaught Group are licensed accredited Green Painters. A Green Painter:

  • Uses waste-water minimization techniques and technology to protect your garden
  • Is qualified and trained to advise clients on which eco-preferable paints to use for their project and is sensitive to the needs of allergy sufferers
  • Has required licenses, insurances and adheres to an Environmental Code of Practice
  • Uses Environmental Management to reduce waste
    Understands natural paints
  • Will save you money, and can help you cut carbon emissions
  • Will give you accurate, unbiased advice.

Painting is an important part of keeping your building 'green'. It preserves and protects building materials, extending the life of the building. However, paints, lacquers and varnishes are among the chemical everyday products that have a particularly distinct effect on environment and health.

New paint technology can also help you increase the energy efficiency of your building, cutting up to 50% off your air conditioning costs, and offsetting carbon emissions. An Accredited Green Painter is qualified and trained to advise you on how to make the best choice for your project.

For more information on Green Painters please visit www.greenpainters.org.au

If you would like some more information on how we at McNaught Group remain environmentally friendly just give as a call and ask our friendly team.

Low Voc paints

Conventional paints can make the air you breathe a chemical cocktail, even long after they have dried, as they continue to release petroleum based solvents, called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) as they cure. It is estimated that each year in Australia more than 60,000 tonnes of VOCs are released into the atmosphere, with the paint industry contributing significantly to this amount. Typical oil-based paint average 350g/L VOCs, or between 35-50% of the paints volume and contain chemicals such as Aliphatic & aromatic hydrocarbons(toluene, xylene), ketones (acetone, methyl ethyl ketone), alcohol (butanol, ethanol), esters (n-propyl acetate, butyl acetate) free monomers, volatile plasticisers, fungicides such as aromatic mercury compounds.

Some major paint manufacturers in Australia still use tints that contain high levels of VOCS. Therefore, GreenPainters advises consumers and specifiers to check what the VOC level is of tinted paint they intend to use. Tinted paint, even of paints labelled 'low-voc', often contain VOC levels over the Green Star Rating System VOC Minimisation credits (IEQ-13/11), which has been compiled from a combination of information from Good Environmental Choice Australia's Architectural Coatings Standard and Table A of Directive 2004/42/CE of the European Parliament.

Even typical water-based acrylics still contain 3-7% solvent content and may include chemicals such as glycol ethylene and propylene, glycol ethers, alcohols, formaldehyde, amines (ammonium hydroxide, amino-2-methyl propanol), monomers, volatile plasticisers, ammonia and fungicides. The VOC content of paint and the CO2 emitted during manufacture are key contributors to environmental impact - primarily in the form of air pollution (petrochemical smog) and to a lesser degree 'greenhouse gases'. In addition VOCs may also trigger respiratory reactions. Low-VOC paints should be specified for exterior applications as well.

We use and recommend Dulux Enviro 2 low VOC paints to endeavour to help look after our environment.

Workmanship and Coating procedures shall comply with AS 2311-1992

Our safety commitment

  • We are committed to providing our staff with a safe and healthy environment.
  • We have implemented our own OHS safety management system, safe work method statements and a return to work policy.
  • We run monthly OHS training days for our staff to update them of any new information.
  • We are committed to the rehabilitation of our staff if they do injure themselves at work or pursuing outside interests.
  • We hold accreditation to work with lead based paint & bonded asbestos.
  • All employees are trained and issued with the appropriate licences e.g. Scaffold, Confined Space, Boom lift operators etc.
  • Employees are provided with an OH&S Induction course run by our certified OH&S Officer.